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Description: Taking into account economical construction methods and, subsequently, new building specifications, HOUSEBOOK’S room data sheet software has developed into a management tool for the complete long-term building documentation.

The space allocation programme stands in the beginning of every construction planning process. It is mostly compiled by the developer’s management within the framework of preparations for an architectural competition (i. e. within the framework of project development) and provides a first thorough overview of the complete construction task. Furthermore, the space allocation programme serves as a basis for the building planning in the further course of the project.

Digital Room Data Sheet

digital room data sheet is a very useful device for the complete documentation of both old buildings and new constructions. The digital room data sheet helps you to illustrate both the facilities and the extent of the essential building usage, while it is not exhaustive. It serves the

  • owner builder
  • real estate management offices
  • real estate developers
  • full service contractors
  • general contractors
  • service providers
  • architects
  • planning offices
  • proprietors
  • lessees and tenants of the properties, and
  • municipalities

as a device to compile and present their needs & requirements. Architects can use the room data sheet as an orientation for the design of the building. However, it does not contain a spatial draft.

Construction Documentation Software

With Housebook you have chosen the ideal construction documentation software! The digital room data sheet provides you with a digital list of all tasks to be fulfilled. Usage-dependent attributes are assigned to each room. The extent and type of the used space allocation programme depend on the planned purpose of the building. Digital management by means of HOUSEBOOK’S construction documentation software is not bound to a certain external form as the representation is based merely on the user-defined content.

Digital Construction Administration with Housebook’s Room Data Sheet

HOUSEBOOK’S digital construction administration helps to elaborate and specify the digital room data sheet parallel to the project progress. This way, you can develop a HOUSEBOOK room data sheet that provides the complete documentation of results from the construction phase on the one hand and planning results from tenders for construction services on the other hand. These results can then be used for the further running of the building. Typical data are, among others, all room characteristics such as volumes, wall coverings, room area, floor coverings, fixtures and furniture, etc.

Digitale Bauverwaltung & Software für Baudokumentation

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