Real estate owners are obliged to ensure that their real estate does not endanger the safety of persons.
To ensure the safety of a building professional tests within the framework of a building safety inspection (according to ÖNORM B-1300) have to be carried out on a regular basis. This is the only way to notice defective components or fixtures on time and prevent dangers and legal liabilities. Building safety inspections will therefore become increasingly important for your real estate. The safety of operations can only be ensured by means of regular inspections.

Our HOUSEBOOK software for property management and building safety inspection fulfils these tasks in an elegant and smart way. HOUSEBOOK is an app for digital facility management and documents the building safety check according to Ö-Norm B 1300.
Not only does the app archive all data about the professional inspection of your real estate and the results of every inspection with a special inspection protocol. It also informs property owners about scheduled inspections on time.

This makes HOUSEBOOK a seal of quality for your properties.

Software for Property Management and Building Safety Inspections

HOUSEBOOK app is a digital facility management tool and a perfect control tool at the same time.
But HOUSEBOOK is more than just property management software and a trademark. It is a seal of quality for your properties and does not only maintain the value of your property, but improves it by providing consistent and continuous digital documentation of all measures and processes to be carried out. Beginning with the start of construction, the completion and handover, and ending with the continuous use of the property, all processes are documented in a transparent and open manner.

Digital Property Management

The digital property management with the app by HOUSEBOOK ensures the complete documentation of all processes and measures that are carried out on your real estate and messages you about measures to be taken in the future. This is how HOUSEBOOK documents and ensures the regular execution of building safety inspections. Shortcomings and defects can be detected and eliminated promptly, and, in case that a defect is not detected, the real estate owner can be indemnified. The app represents a special kind of software for property management and building safety inspection and as such it confirms that the building safety inspections are carried out on a regular basis.

Digital Property Management with Housebook

Digitalisation of property management is a continuous process and this increasingly applies to office and industry buildings as well. Digital property management creates significant added value, particularly for commercial functional buildings.

  • increased safety
  • increased economic efficiency
  • increased cost savings

Digital property management focuses on the automation of the building, i.e. the automatic and continuous provision of data about ongoing processes, aiming at optimization and maintenance.

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