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The new way of construction documentation and real estate management!

Housebook is a combined tool for your building documentation bringing together everything you need. It is the best method for documenting the construction and facility management of your residential, commercial, or industrial properties.

Housebook – the complete documentation for the construction industry and real estate management at a glance!


Who benefits from Housebook?


  • Real estate management offices
  • Real estate developers
  • Full service contractors
  • General contractors
  • Service providers
  • Architects
  • Planning offices
  • Proprietors
  • Lessees and tenants
  • Municipalities

Digital Facility Manage­ment


Easily operated. The Housebook app convinces with its easy to operate control tools. Find out everything about the advantages of the Housebook app in our video.

Housebook App

Housebook is the perfect app for construction managers, proprietors, service providers, craftspeople and administrators, enabling them to document and track all predefined processes.

App for Facilitymanagement
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  • Easy Login & Location Tracking
    You log into the system with Housebook app by using your property’s QR codes. Your location is tracked and you can get started.

  • All descriptions at a glance

    No more tedious searches! All descriptions are accessible after logging in – anytime and anywhere.

  • Documentation
    The flexible real estate documentation. All processes stored for an object can be printed out in several ways. All processes and fields of operation can be created flexibly, stored and printed out for each property.

  • Made easy backup

    All data are connected with their relevant QR code, collected and stored in a cloud. This way, the data do not only stay connected with the property constantly, but they do not consume storage space on your hard disk either.

Housebook Control

With Housebook Control you can create, edit and manage your desired building-related structures in a simple manner. The associated Qr codes are automatically generated. Permissions for users and companies can be freely assigned. Reports are created and printed with one click.
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Overview of Control Tools

  • Location determination by QR-Code

    By locating the exact position of the attached QR code is determined on the grounds and in the building, a complex search is no longer necessary. Defects, deficiencies, work to be carried out are thus easily assigned and documented.

  • Building management

    With Housebook Control you have the entire building management everywhere and always under control, through the cloud solution of access to their data is available worldwide. By self-determination of the respective building structure is to make them in a simple manner possible the building management as individual as desired. The object security checks are permanently and cleanly documented.

  • Quality check made easy

    During the construction work will be subject to continuous quality check. By bringing together the individual documentation of craftsmen an overall view and ultimately the quality check in a simple manner is possible. Also, the current home care is clear and detectable by the documentation.

  • Auto sending reminder messages

    Remembrance notices allow Its easy handling reminders of appointments on deliverables, services, meter readings, etc. to convey in addition. This in turn simplifies the implementation and impacts of cost saving.

Building security check

Housebook - Quality & Safety

Building safety inspections will become increasingly important for your real estate. Inspections are necessary to guarantee safety for all operations in your real estate on a constant basis. Housebook documents the building safety inspection according to Ö-Norm B 1300. This makes Housebook a seal of quality for your real properties.

ÖNORM B1300 Quality & Safety approved

Complete documentation

Facility Management

Effective facility management. Saving energy = saving costs. The consistent documentation of all processes within a property helps you to do so. Use Housebook and create a perfect framework for an energy efficient property, maintain cost certainty in your business, during maintenance and cleaning processes in your properties.


We have more than 25 years of experience in the construction industry! Planning, implementation, real estate development and property management – we have done it all and have realised that we need an all-embracing documentation tool. This is why in the beginning of 2016, we founded our new brand Housebook and developed an application for construction managers, proprietors, service providers, craftspeople and administrators enabling the digital documentation of all processes within a property.

Housebook – a Seal of Quality

Housebook is not only a trademark. It is also a seal of quality for your properties. Housebook does not only maintain the value of your property, it improves it by providing consistent and continuous digital documentation.

Beginning with the start of construction, the completion and handover, and ending with the continuous use of the property, all processes are documented in a transparent and open manner.

Housebook Büro

There is always the right way. But many notice it only when they already gone the wrong way. If you go further, you can also make mistakes, but if you are staying you can discover nothing new.

- Bmst. Christian Schniersmeyer, Founder & CEO, Housebook GmbH


Our clients are intended to convey a small excerpt on Housebook's wide spread. Whether architects, planners, construction management offices, general contractors, developers, property management companies, commercial businesses or builders, Housebook covers all of these areas.
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