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HOUSEBOOK is a tool consisting of a control platform and a mobile application. An intuitive platform will allow to create full documentation of the investment process in one place.

Housebook App

Housebook App

HOUSEBOOK APP enables the creation of photo documentation and descriptions of individual defects directly on site or in existing buildings using a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet running IOS or Android. Everything is immediately saved in the Housebook Control platform.

Housebook Control

Control Platform

Housebook control allows you to create a project structure and build a full archive of the investment process. Each authorised user may introduce changes in real time, which are immediately visible. in this way you will achieve better results of the whole team.

HOUSEBOOK Process Management

Full documentation of your investment process in one place.

HOUSEBOOK is a tool that increases the profitability of investment projects. A dedicated plan, intuitive management and personalized functions allow for flawless communication with the team.
Get rid of paperwork clutter, eliminate defects at an early stage of the investment project and achieve coherent communication with the team. Choose efficient construction management and greater profitability of your investment projects with the help of the HOUSEBOOK digital tool.

3D BiM /Hyperlink

HOUSEBOOK enables connection with 3D BiM software via Hyperlink. This allows easy indication of the location of defects on site or in existing buildings.


QR Code

The individual QR code of the investment project guarantees that the location of the defect is found in an instant. Each property receives its QR codes, which allow for easy location of defects on site or in existing buildings.



Create, edit and manage building structures in Housebook Control. The associated QR codes will be generated automatically. Prepare construction reports easily and quickly and generate them with one click.


Modern features

A modern panel for delegating tasks and managing full construction documentation is always at hand.

Einfache Mängelverwaltung

Easy defect management

You can easily check the location of any defect and delegate the work to the relevant team member.

Transparente Verwaltung der Baudokumentation

Transparent management of construction site

The whole team has access to the necessary documentation. All elements are available using applications on mobile devices.

Einfache Team-Kommunikation

Easy team communication

You have the full spectrum of the construction process under control and you follow the plan.

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