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Housebook is the perfect app for construction managers, proprietors, service providers, craftspeople and administrators, enabling them to document and track all predefined processes. Learn how to control defects on construction site or in existing buildings through your mobile device.
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Overview of app functions

Easy Login & Location Tracking

You log into the system with Housebook app by using your property’s QR codes. Your location is tracked and you can get started.

All descriptions at a glance

No more tedious searches! All descriptions are accessible after logging in – anytime and anywhere.


The flexible real estate documentation. All processes stored for an object can be printed out in several ways. All processes and fields of operation can be created flexibly, stored and printed out for each property.

Made easy backup

All data are connected with their relevant QR code, collected and stored in a cloud. This way, the data do not only stay connected with the property constantly, but they do not consume storage space on your hard disk either.


Learn how to control defects on construction site or in existing buildings through your mobile device



Monitoring the current stage and progress of the defect removal work.



Increasing the return on investment through proper management of identification and repair of defects.



Instant documenting of various types of inspections and work acceptance procedures.


QR Code

Identify each property within seconds.



Easy acceptance procedures for housing units, easy inspections and acceptance procedures for construction works and fire protection systems, easy safety inspections.


3D BiM

Enables connection with 3D BiM software via Hyperlink.

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