The app for your construction documentation. A perfect procedure and constant construction documentation are absolutely necessary to achieve the ideal construction process. So far, the main problems have been the very complex registration and maintenance processes. The predominant difficulty for those responsible – often due to a lack of time – is the “independent multi-stage quality control and documentation”.TEST HOUSEBOOK FOR FREE

The actual difficulty does not lie in the constant collection and documentation of site conditions (incl. an external camera and dictation machine), but rather the manual pooling of information later in the office. All the photos and voice memos have to be assigned to the appropriate Construction sites, the service stages, the defects etc., as well as to the responsible persons. If these steps cannot be realised on time, difficulties may arise. The HOUSEBOOK construction documentation offers support in these situations.

The best App for Construction Managers

Modern mobile devices (AndroidiOS) offer all technical features necessary to fully support construction managers in their daily documentation activities. The quality of the high-resolution photos from modern smartphones is more than sufficient for the photos that need to be taken from the construction site. As high-speed data transmission is not always available on building sites, you can use our HOUSEBOOK Construction Manager App offline as well. We have carried out comprehensive tests and it really is the best app for construction managers.

Some functions of the HOUSEBOOK App:

  • Data processing & data administration
    The app is extremely easy to operate. Reports and defects can be solved and managed quickly.
  • Quick application with the best app for construction managers
    The HOUSEBOOK App can be easily and directly integrated into business processes and does not only improve the construction process but the complete process of real estate management.
  • Digital storage & backup of data
    All processes, defects and tasks are digitally archived. Thanks to HOUSEBOOK App & HOUSEBOOK Control, you no longer need unnecessary, handwritten documents.

The Best Software for Construction Managers

Our software HOUSEBOOK CONTROL is responsible for the central management of all data gathered by the HOUSEBOOK App.

HOUSEBOOK CONTROL operates on any PC or Mac with all common browsers. It is extremely easy to operate and enables a complete documentation of all processes in the construction industry.

Choose the best software for construction managers and test HOUSEBOOK CONTROL for free.

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