Housebook Control

With Housebook Control you can create, edit and manage your desired building-related structures in a simple manner. The associated Qr codes are automatically generated. Permissions for users and companies can be freely assigned. Reports are created and printed with one click.
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Overview of Control Tools

Location determination by QR-Code

By locating the exact position of the attached QR code is determined on the grounds and in the building, a complex search is no longer necessary. Defects, deficiencies, work to be carried out are thus easily assigned and documented.

Building management

With Housebook Control you have the entire building management everywhere and always under control, through the cloud solution of access to their data is available worldwide.

By self-determination of the respective building structure is to make them in a simple manner possible the building management as individual as desired. The object security checks are permanently and cleanly documented.

Quality check made easy

The flexible real estate documentation. All processes stored for an object can be printed out in several ways. All processes and fields of operation can be created flexibly, stored and printed out for each property.

Auto sending reminder messages

Remembrance notices allow Its easy handling reminders of appointments on deliverables, services, meter readings, etc. to convey in addition. This in turn simplifies the implementation and impacts of cost saving.


HOUSEBOOK Control allows you to create a project structure and build a full archive of the investment process.



Access to full investment documentation from any mobile device and computer worldwide.



Monitoring the current stage and progress of the defect removal work.



Possibility to import your own documentation archiving model and convenient use of the application.



Faster management of construction documentation.



Instant documenting of various types of inspections and work acceptance procedures.


QR Code

Generate QR codes for each property within seconds.



Planning and delegating defect removal tasks.

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