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The term construction documentation or documentation in the construction industry comprises the documentation of all processes that have ever been carried out on a building or a structure for subsequent use. HOUSEBOOK’S app and desktop software provide the ideal solution for your digital documentation:TEST HOUSEBOOK FOR FREE

Construction Documentation

Digital construction documentation (documentation in the construction industry) can refer to renovations and reconstructions as well as new buildings.
The documentation of the continuous maintenance works on a building or a structure will become increasingly important in the future.
A high-quality construction .

Types of Construction Documentation

Documentation in the Building Industry by means of digital Documentation

This is the most widely used type. There are several providers of construction documentation software. Thanks to its easy operation and the complete documentation of all construction processes, HOUSEBOOK – the software for documentation in the construction industry stands out against its competitors and offers you the simplest yet most comprehensive construction documentation software and app.

Our HOUSEBOOK software, combined with the HOUSEBOOK App fulfils the following requirements:
• Location-independent: The documentation can be set up directly at the construction site or on the building with a smartphone (e.g. iPhone, Android Phone).
• All parts of the documentation (texts, pictures, etc.) can be integrated into the documentation as regards time and location – at any time.
• Due to continuous data updates, all steps of the documentation process are reproducible at any time.

Documentation in the Construction Industry with HOUSEBOOK

The volume of any construction documentation depends on the project’s size and the applicable standards. While a small number of documents and folders will probably suffice for a single-family house, several hundred construction plans might be needed for the construction of a hotel. High costs for the storage and management of documents raise the question which documents should actually be stored properly.

With the digital documentation in our HOUSEBOOK tools there is no need to worry about these questions anymore, because all of your data are stored on a central high-performance server.

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