About us

The application was developed by an Austrian company with over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. Digital documentation of all investment and construction processes is the future of the real estate industry.

Due to our experience in planning, execution, investment and management, we have arrived to the conclusion that detailed and, above all, consistent documentation is necessary. This is why we took the first step towards the creation of the HOUSEBOOK digital tool as early as in 2016 in Austria.

Safety and control

Thanks to the intuitive process of control of construction works, as well as the immediate identification of the locations of defects and their efficient removal, you can count on maintaining the highest level of safety on construction sites and in existing buildings. At the same time, the process of setting and delegating tasks remains under your strict control.


Housebook GmbH

Salzburgerstraße 22b,
A-6380 St. Johann

+43 5352 / 216 30-10

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