HOUSEBOOK provides a software solution for central and digital real estate management. HOUSEBOOK is the app for:

  • real estate
  • management
  • owner builders
  • real estate management offices
  • real estate developers
  • full service contractors
  • general contractors
  • service providers
  • architects
  • planning offices
  • proprietors
  • lessees and tenants and
  • municipalities.

Real Estate Management App

Successful facility management is a comprehensive and life-cycle-based strategy for the provision and maintenance of real estate and all systems connected to it. Its aim is to optimize operations and increase the value of the property in the long run.

With our HOUSEBOOK real estate management app we provide you with a smart tool for the optimization of your complete facility management, beginning with the construction of a property and ending with its provision and administration.

Property Management Software

The requirements and technical possibilities of property management have changed in the past years. Handwritten forms have been exchanged with more complex challenges calling for a smart software solution for the efficient management of properties.

HOUSEBOOK offers exactly this kind of property management software. HOUSEBOOK provides you with a central and digital solution for the administration of all processes and measures. It is a real estate management app enabling more successful facility management by means of a better overview and coordination.

How does Digital Facility Management with Housebook Work?

The HOUSEBOOK app gives real estate users the opportunity to easily register reports and defects via smartphone or tablet. All data are stored in a cloud and therefore available anytime and anywhere.
Property owners receive relevant reports via messages. These messages can be recalled anytime and the necessary measures can be taken. The software ensures the necessary framework conditions for providing energy efficiency and cost certainty during the operation of your property.


Digital Facility Management for an optimized Property Management

  • complete documentation of all processes
  • energy efficiency
  • cost certainty
  • regular maintenance
  • cleaning reports
  • documented test routines
  • safety maintenance

Housebook – the App for Real Estate Management and Safety

One of the main factors of successful property management is safety maintenance. The digital facility management with HOUSEBOOK enables an exact documentation of the building safety inspection and facilitates the compliance of test routines.

We have more than 25 years of experience in the construction industry! Planning, implementation, real estate development and property management – we have done it all and have realised that we need an all-embracing documentation tool. This is why in the beginning of 2016, we founded out new brand Housebook and developed an application for construction managers, proprietors, service providers, craftspeople and administrators enabling the digital documentation of all processes within a property.

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