Architekten & Immobilienentwickler

Action plan for architects

Architects & Real Estate Developers


Create an accurate action plan for the entire team. Develop a project plan for the new investment that is perfect in every way and submit it through the app, which integrates all of your ideas into a meaningful whole. The HOUSEBOOK tools guarantee easy handling and convenient use, with seamless communication with the team.

Benefits for Architects & Real Estate Developers

  • 3D BIM integration (Archicad, Revit, Autocad, and more)
  • Central plan transmission for all project participants
  • Time-saving documentation of all services
  • Ease of work with collected documentation for clients (seamless plan transmission)
  • Time savings through central plan transmission

With HOUSEBOOK, you not only plan your employees' tasks but also ensure that they are carried out safely and on time.

The monitoring of the investment process will become more coherent, organized, and effective thanks to the digital tool. You can plan your work in a safe and transparent way for all team members and provide complete documentation of the investment process. Don't let the responsible task ahead of you become too challenging.

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