HOUSEBOOK provides a software solution for central and digital real estate management. HOUSEBOOK is the app for: real estate management owner builders real estate management offices real estate developers full service contractors general contractors service providers architects planning offices proprietors lessees and tenants and municipalities. Real Estate Management App Successful facility management is a comprehensive and … Read more

Real estate owners are obliged to ensure that their real estate does not endanger the safety of persons.To ensure the safety of a building professional tests within the framework of a building safety inspection (according to ÖNORM B-1300) have to be carried out on a regular basis. This is the only way to notice defective components or … Read more

The HOUSEBOOK real estate management software supports you in all fields of modern property management. You can easily create new projects, user accounts, rooms, etc. and save precious time while managing all relevant data. HOUSEBOOK CONTROL is the best real estate management software if you want to keep an overview of all upcoming maintenance works etc. TEST HOUSEBOOK FOR FREE The Best … Read more

The app for your construction documentation. A perfect procedure and constant construction documentation are absolutely necessary to achieve the ideal construction process. So far, the main problems have been the very complex registration and maintenance processes. The predominant difficulty for those responsible – often due to a lack of time – is the “independent multi-stage quality control … Read more

Find our software for digital documentation in the construction industry TO TEST FOR FREE under this link! The term construction documentation or documentation in the construction industry comprises the documentation of all processes that have ever been carried out on a building or a structure for subsequent use. HOUSEBOOK’S app and desktop software provide the ideal solution for your digital documentation:TEST HOUSEBOOK FOR FREE Construction Documentation … Read more

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